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simmonsized oh we should also trade #s or s/t bc i like never see you outside of cons// we haven’t talked in a long time!! 

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yeah it’s best for walking around and hanging out with people and for once i like, never go into the buying place?? i’ll still go though, bc i was thinking about doing the tomoyo thing if you were still doing sakura c:

i generally get a little bit of art but it’s way more about just seeing ppl and stuff? and YES!! i’d still love to do that aaaaa 

ugh i feel the same way though like. on one hand all these horrible things but on the other i always have a good time and i get to see my friends and stuff 8(

TBH akicon has always been my favorite con? even when it was garage con and i got sick for like a week after i still end up having a way better time than i ever do at sakuracon :/

i really wanna go to akicon 2k14 because i’m not going to be able to go to any other west coast cons until april because of otakon but akicon is bad? i always had fun but i’ve heard some Bad Things and idk


Lapis Lazuli


Lapis Lazuli

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i always feel kind of shitty after going to a con without cosplay ? and i feel bad that i had so little money ? im really trying not to ruin what was a p good time for myself but i just feel so ???